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Discussion: Reasons for the Retirement of the V-Bombers


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Feb 11, 2007
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I'll throw in a different proposition, that the problem wasn't role-related, or political, or whatever, it was at heart procurement-related. Specifically the decision to buy three different V bombers (and prototype a fourth, Sperrin). That left us with three fleets to support. Then Valiant succumbed to fatigue and that was supportable, it was only a third of the V force. Then Victor couldn't hack low level, but it was only half of the fleet, and we could use it for other stuff. And that left Vulcan and by the mid 80s it was showing its age and we had the boomers and Tornado instead.

If at each of those decisions the whole of V Force had been up in the air, then money would have had to be found to fix them. Instead it suffered the death of xa thousandx three cuts. Incidentally the B-52 might have lasted longer, but it is suffering a similar diminution by the different marks, and we're now down to the last surviving mark.

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