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on this topic www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,1406.15.html member Thorvic upload a pic with an article about a new project, the DINFIA I.A.52. How can help with drawings and technical data?


Oh, DINFIA is the same thing as FMA, now owned by Lockheed-Martin, located in Cordoba, Argentina? Most enthusiasts are more familiar with the name FMA than DINFIA.

As I recollect, the I.A. 52 dates from 1964 or so, and was a twin engined transport. Basically it was a small, unpressurized twin Astazou powered design that had a rear loading ramp and looked like a Shorts Skyvan.

Incidentally, why is the topic locked?
Here's something about the I.A.52 from Janes 1964-65 :


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Re: FMA IA.52 transport project......

Dear Boys and Girls, here is a short article in French about the Argentinian FMA. IA.52 utility transport aircraft which remained a "project"......

The article comes from the 1st December 1963 issue of Aviation Magazine......

Terry (Caravellarella)


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The IA.52 was a project for civil and military transport. The idea was similar to the contemporary Short Skyvan. The project advanced until the end of wind tunnel test and model in 1:1 scale was build. The project was canceled when the first prototype was began to be build.
The source of information is "Historia de la Industria Aeronautica Argentina" by Francisco Halbriter, November of 2004 the translation is: History of Argentinian Aeronautic Industry".
The book is very thick so is very difficult to scan and the picture is not a good one but here is the wind tunnel model of IA-52:


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