Dimitri sensaud de lavaud turbojet (1937)


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6 June 2006
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So here's a question I've asked for along time...

We all know that early turbojets apeared in 1937. Whittle and Von Ohain tested their engine on the bench in march, april and september of this year. This led to the Heinkel He 178 in 1939, and Gloster E 28/39 in may 1941.
Another turbojet ran on the bench in march 1937. It was french, and build by Dimitri Sensaud de Lavaud.

Was there ever a french design around this engine, or at least around evolved variants ?

Any details about Sensaud de Lavaud, which really seems to be a genius ? (he worked for Citroen , he also worked on Wankel engines, among other interesting stuff)

It seems that Le Bourget museum has the 1937 turbojet in its collection ??!! ???

Any detail on this subject would be welcome!!!!!!!!
There's a picture of the engine on the museum site.

take collections 1919-1939

good luck.
Yes, the Mae had something on the subject. Look at this

Seems the engine exist, and its power was rather similar to the Whittle and Von Ohain units!!

I've found other mentions of this thing on the web, for example an AAAF publication mention it briefly.
In fact each time an article deals with "early turbojets" it mention Seansaud de Lavaud engine, but only briefly ???

In my humble opinion, De Lavaud work was not recognised by the french governement.
I mean that the guy never had the occasion to left Citroen and spend its whole time on jet engines (as Whittle and Von Ohain did).
In brief, french governement didn't gave high-priority to development of a turbojet based on De LAvaud work.
This would also explain why there was no "He178-like" project in France...
seems the Triton story only started with Rateau / Anxionnaz and their TR-1A engine, after 1941.

At least what I want is some data on Sensaud De Lavaud itself!
A webpage about de Lavaud mentions that the Free French arrested de Lavaud for collaborating with the Nazis, given that BMW used the design of de Lavaud's experimental turbojet in development of its jet engines for the Heinkel 162.

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