Diehl Aerospace Future Effector - Adaptable Networked Intelligent eXpandable (FEANIX) 'Light Remote Carrier'

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“The Light Remote Carrier (LRC) is characterized by a weight of <300 kilograms and a length of <4 meters. It is a long-range effector which can be launched from the air, from land as well as from sea. Due to its modularity, the LRC is individually equippable with different payloads, from sensors to lethal and non-lethal effectors, depending on the operational scenario and mission. Thanks to the low signature (low observable), the Light Remote Carrier is difficult to detect by the enemy air defence and it makes a valuable contribution to the networked battle management. Besides the mentioned modularity, FEANIX is also characterized by its networking, swarming, robustness and stand-off capability.”


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Wouldn't it make Sense to combine this with RC²M as a thread as they are both contender for the job? Or would it make sense to post about both her?

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