Did the SR-71's Inlet Use Active-Cooling


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13 February 2008
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Did the SR-71's inlet use active-cooling? I'm curious as the chines utilize fuel circulating through the chines for the purpose of active-cooling.

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Do you have any reason to believe the inlets did?
Considering the fuel was circulated through the chines for the purpose of cooling them down to acceptable temperatures, I am curious as to whether the inlet required them as the inlets would be a portion of the plane's structure which would get very hot.

Kendra Lesnick
ı have a very old magazine that shows the temperature peaks on the SR-71 , the scale is in fahrenheits and the top is about 1000 -1200 degrees . Is it clear that there is no mistake and the peaks on the Blackbeard are accepted to be 1000 degrees plus in Celsius ? A small fault of this kind can truely change the understanding and ı believe it is a mistake .

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