Daimler Bomber 1945


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28 January 2008
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Hi everyone

Project A
Project B
Project C

Was there a pure bomber version planned ?
I mean without parasite suicide planes or bombers!
Only Bombs ! Maybe for big bombs ?

Many greetings and thanks a lot
Maybe for big bombs ?
In “Warplanes of the Third Reich” by William Green’s (page 655) it is mentioned about test 17,7-ton bomb < ! ! ! >
“The Me 323 participated in several experimental programmes that were not associated with the development of the transport itself, one of the most interesting of these programmes entailing the use of a modified Me 323 as a carrier for an experimental 17,7-ton bomb.
For the initial dropping test the Me 323 was assisted off the ground by an He 111Z towplane, but shortly before reaching the altitude at which it was planned to release the bomb, the rear fuselage
began to break up, and the Gigant entered an uncontrollable dive. The crew succeeded in releasing the bomb but perished in the ensuing crash, and subsequent investigation revealed that the cause of the accident was a weakened fuselage longeron which had been damaged during a strafing attack on the test airfield by U.S. fighters a few days earlier…”
Possible...one of the candidates.
there is depiction of this monster?
Somewhere in the web I saw a very little picture of the Daimler Benz "C" ?
with minimum three big bombs ?!
Did any members of the Luftwaffe or Goering have reservations about the viability of Daimler's flying aircraft carrier designs? The Daimler flying aircraft carrier reminds me of the Douglas 1211 flying aircraft carrier designs.

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