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27 February 2007
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Hi all, I know this is a follow up to a previous thread, but I recently heard that the US Army and DOD have terminated most, if not all, of the FCS program. My sources indicate that some of the technology wasn't maturing fast enough and the whole concept was questioned. That said, it appears that some of the technology planned for the FCS will be used in a new model of the M-1 Abrams, possibly designated the M-1A3. Allegedly, the new version will mount a low profile turret. However, since both the Army and Marine Corps have plenty of Abrams in reserve, there will be no new production.

Can anyone out there verify the above and if so, does anyone know what the new turret will look like? Will it be a version of the Teledyne-Continental Motors LPT proposed in the 1990s?
There have been some cancellations, but nothing recent, nor as large scale as the whole program. It's still alive.

Spin-out of technology is to be expected from a program such as FCS to other programs like Bradley, Abrams, etc. But they're usually add-ons, not large redesigns.
FCS is still going but the USG has cut back on the production schedule to save dollars hence the need to keep legacy Heavy BCT (HBCT) equipment like the M1 Abrams and M2 Bradley in service. The Manned Ground Vehicles of FCS of the XM1200 series will still be built.

FCS technology will be inserted into the legacy vehicles so you won't see things like turret replacement. The autoloader for the "M1A3" is likely to be the Western Design system that replaces the 40 round bustle with a 34 round carosuel. You will still have the 'loader' crew position but they will act more as a remote control weapons operator.

Check out the presentations at this page for detailed information:

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