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Current RuAF light fighter projects


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Mar 2, 2006
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I am sure there will be a single-engine fighter with an engine izd.30. Probably in two variants, horizontal take-off and landing and short take-off and vertical landing for aircraft carrier and universal landing craft


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Mar 20, 2008
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Su-17M3 and M4s were not old, they were produced up until 1990 I think. MiG-23MLD had plenty of service life left as well.

Military drawdown was obviously the biggest part of it, but I think anti-single engine thinking was there as well. I mean on a shoestring budget some single engine types probably would have been cheaper to operate than an entirely big twin-engine force.

EDIT: Not sure if this source is legit or not but it quotes Deynekin, Commander of VVS:

"Как указывал Главком ВВС П. С. Дейнекин, «переход к использованию самолётов, оснащённых двумя — четырьмя двигателями, существенно повысит безопасность полётов»."

Pretty explicit decision to discard single engine types, allegedly due to safety.

Yeah, i know they were produced up to around that time, but my argument were more about them being outdated and not fitting within the doctrine or needs of the Russian Airforce. Either way i dont think that arguments from almost 30 years now based on now ~50 year old tech hold much water anyway. Are single engine aircraft more unsafe overall? Probably, F-16's safety numbers early on were truly atrocious. But i think RuAF is better off focusing and driving requirments to get single engine frames as safe as possible rather than shy away from them altogether.


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Jan 2, 2021
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The same news, but in English and with the word "hypersonic" added to it for some reason. Most likely BS
Dang before it was Mikoyan. https://topwar.ru/167799-minoborony-zakazalo-razrabotku-oruzhija-protiv-giperzvukovyh-raket.html

The Ministry of Defence has decided to develop a new multifunctional long-range interception missile system (MFRC DP) capable of intercepting, among other things, hypersonic



This is reported by "Izvestia" with reference to sources in the Ministry of Defense.

As the newspaper writes, at present on the instructions of the military department, theoretical studies have already been carried out on the ultra-long-range air-to-air missile with a splitting combat part, and work is underway to determine the characteristics and composition of the prospective

complex. A promising medium-range K-77M (as a head) aircraft missile is considered as one of the candidates.

According to the military's plans, the aircraft will have to launch a long-range "special ammunition" with several air-to-air warhead missiles, which at some point fires

missiles. Those in the war queue find and attack the target, including the hypersonic. It is stated that the possibility of hitting a target is greatly increased by several missiles, rather than one. The over-distribution of the munition will allow to expand the target's target zone.

According to reports, it is planned to use MiG-31BM interceptor fighters, which are in service with the Russian Armed Forces, as a carrier for the new long-range interception complex, and in the future the prospective MiG-41 or other aircraft expected to replace


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May 8, 2017
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Here a bit more realistic...

But now built by Silhouette?? I thought it is a MiG project? ... and any idea how it will be presented at MAKS?

It seems that there are indeed two projects, Deino.
One, Sukhoi's "PLIB"or" LFI", is intended for foreign customer.
Second is MiG's "LMFS" with two engines by Klimov.
I personally think that MiG will push its design as a future deck fighter.
I'd thought it's PLIB since the LFI program is an older one from the 2000s innit?


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Apr 21, 2007
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While many focus on what the MiG-35 is "loser" in terms of orders for VKS, in frame of the program runs interesting processes. The prototype aircraft obviously serve as testbeds for new technologies for MiG's future machines.
For example, this article mentions the use of artificial intelligence and a neural network approach in target identification. Interesting.

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