Cruise-Efficient STOL (CESTOL)

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Video here:

That's a very different design than what Boeing published for CESTOL. Their "AB-32" concept was a BWB with distributed propulsion... a bunch of little jets along the upper surface. I have images of that in issue V1N3 of APR.

If you look close, you can see it here (lower right).

Some more detail inc on very low noise aspect:

Quiet Cruise Efficient Short Take-Off and Landing Subsonic Transport System:



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Hange, Craig E. Short Field Take-Off and Landing Performance as an Enabling Technology for a Greener, More Efficient Airspace System
Ames Research Center April 25, 2009

The Cruise Efficient Short Take-Off and Landing (CESTOL) aircraft and Civil Tiltrotor (CTR) are two examples of powered-lift aircraft concepts that are of interest to NASA. These concepts will be able to utilize the shorter unused or underutilized runways and corresponding airspace at the crowded hub airports and many unused airfields and airspace that currently exist in other expanding urban areas providing additional capacity to the airspace system and reductions in congestion and delays seen in the current system. By treating the use of CESTOL and CTR as critical components that supplement other green aircraft to be used in the overall airspace system, the efficiency and improvements gained by the entire system will offset the potential increased fuel usage and emissions that may be a result of providing short field capability to the powered-lift aircraft. My presentation will address how NASA and the aerospace industry may identify, analysis, and finally implement these powered-lift aircraft into the airspace system and improve the capacity and reduce delay, while obtaining an overall reduction in noise, fuel usage, and emissions.
I attended a few talks on this program at an AIAA conference in... I think it was Jan 2009 in Orlando. Last I saw, the design has sprouted a rather longer tail for a less feeble moment arm (both to rotate quickly and to deal with the obviously serious engine-out yaw problem). Otherwise I don't remember any changes between the rather old video and the current notional design.
Artist's impression of NASA Cruise-Efficient STOL (CESTOL).



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Video produced by the FAA-led Joint Planning and Development Office, responsible for overseeing modernisation of the US national airspace system, illustrating how NextGen technologies are intended to help the traveller. The aircraft is a NASA Cruise-Efficient Short Take-Off and Landing (CESTOL) concept intended to use smaller runways at metroplex airports.
This Glenn Research Center (GRC)-led project integrates work at LaRC, GRC, Ames Research Center (ARC), and Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC). The work at LaRC includes wind tunnel studies, structural studies, acoustical studies, evironmental studies, and tool development.

Primary Goal: Revolutionary energy efficiency for subsonic/transonic transport aircraft with dramatic reductions in harmful emissions and noise to enable sustained growth of air transportation.

Technical Challenges:

• Reduced aircraft noise
• Reduced aircraft emissions
• Reduced aircraft drag
• Reduced aircraft weight
• Improved computational and experimental tools and methods

Recent Research Accomplishments:
Langley researchers assisted in the characterization of biofuel emissions, a process leading to the development of biofuels and certification standards that will enable a more energy-independent future. Research was also performed concerning the development of lightweight, tailored, unitized metallic structures, and aerodynamic technologies that reduce the drag on advanced airplanes of the next three generations (with focus on the far term N+3 generation).


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Cutaway drawing of CESTOL (larger version).

Artist's impression of CESTOL (larger version)




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