Creating Early Army&Naval Secret Boards


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25 October 2007
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Hello :),

I was wondering on the pertinence to have a distinct board on early army secret projects, as well as one on naval subjects. Mixing up-to-date technology with early 20th century tech is not present in aviation in this forum, so why not on other matters? What do you think?
Well, I'm not really in the naval technology any more, but especially in this
field there could well be themes still in the 19th century, which are interesting.
For example the "Brandtaucher", developed and built by Wilhelm Bauer.
Why not ?
Well, it depends on the quantity of posts in each board mainly. To start with the Army and Naval boards weren't that busy, and so subdividing them would have made them quite quiet. Now, I guess you could make a case for it.
I am willing to do this providing someone is willing to become moderator in Army and/or Navy Projects. I am sufficiently interested in either topic to keep on track of which project belongs in each timeframe.
Hello Overscan :),

what are the main responsabilities of a moderator? Cheers.

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