Convair YT-32 (model 240-18)

Jos Heyman

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15 February 2007
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I am looking for a picture of the proposed Convair YT-32 (model 240-18).
The YT-32 was a bomb aimers trainer version of the Convair 240 liner, which had a raised cockpit and a transparent nose. Development was ordered on 28 October 1948 but the project was cancelled on 13 January 1949. The serial 49 1946 has been associated with the YT-32 although this serial has also been assigned to the XB-55.
A version of the Convair identified as type 240-18 by Convair, was ordered by the USAF on 28 October 1948 as YT-32. It was to be used as a bomb aimers trainer and would have had a raised cockpit and a transparent nose. The project was cancelled again on 13 January 1949.

Does anybody have an artist impression of this YT-32?
It sounds like it probably got redesignated as a T-29 variant since both are versions of the same Convair design.
Okay, I stand corrected. It sounds, though, like most of the airframe would be similar to that of a T-29 and only the cockpit and nose section different. I suspect that evolving bombing systems that didn't need an optical site rather eliminated the need for such a trainer.
Stargazer, does this new site you have discovered on Convair aircraft have a picture of this design?
A new site on Convair? No! It's just the San Diego Air & Space Museum archive at Flickr!

I don't have a picture of the YT-32 design. The only book I have that MIGHT have a photo of the mockup cabin is an old AIR FAN issue but I don't have access to these right now, being in the process of packing for a change of house in the near future...

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