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Convair XAB-1 atomic powered bomber


CLEARANCE: Above Top Secret
May 26, 2006
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tab28682 said:
I have always really liked this fantasy aircraft and built several of the Hawk models in my youth.

With an eye towards doing a full bodied RC model of the XAB-1, I developed a simple profile foam model of the XAB-1 to use as an RC testbed for CG location and and controlability and such. Power is by a small pusher electric motor, with the option to also use a long burn low thrust rocket motor as well.

Finally got around to trying it and it might be the first ever RC XAB-1 to fly, even if it was quite simplistic...:)

Flies very nicely with no vices. I confess to enlarging the vertical tail area using the TLAR method to help keep the pointy end forward at all times.

The first electric pusher flights were made without the parasites in place.
WOW,amazing Model.