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27 December 2008
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Who can help me with drawings/dimensions/etc. concerning the following aeroplanes/projects?
Comper Fly (not completed)
Fane F.1/40 (1 prototype)
Cierva C.25 (Comper Swift fuselage)
Comper Dominion and Commerce (projects for airliners)
Hi Jan,

please tell us a more info about those projects,Comper Fly,Dominion and Commerce.
about the C.25,it was single seat version of C.24,powered by one 85 hp Pobjoy
Niagara R radial engine,it was actuallt built.
Here is an article about C.24 and C.25 on Russian site:

It says that C.24 and C.25 are two different aircraft. The two-seat C.24 was designed by Cierva by request of De Havilland Co., its nose part of fuselage was from DH-80 Puss Moth, and engine was 120hp Gipsy III. C.24 was fitted by mechanism of rotor spin-up from engine, also it was first Cierva's machine with closed canopy and tricycle landing gear. It was built in 1931 by De Havilland plant in Stag Lane, but the tests weren't successful.

The single-seat C.25 was one of the smallest autogyros, it was built by Comper Aircraft company and its first flight was in the beginning of 1933. It had a fuselage from Comper Swift, but with modified tain fins and low-mounted, shortened wings. The engine was Pobjoy Niagara R (63 kW / 86 hp).
The packers just took my scanner and books, but Richard Riding's ULTRALIGHTS: THE EARLY BRITISH CLASSICS has a couple of pics and specs of the Comper C.25 but I don't remember if there is a three-view or not.
Here some details
Scamp was a high-wing Pusher with tricycle undercarriage design. Is single seater it was proposed to be fit with a Praga-B and as two-seater with a Walter Mikron. It had twin booms.
The College of Aeronautical Engineering of Chelsea and Brooklands was working on a scaled down model to test the undercarriage.

There are sources who mention that the aero plane was under construction and not completed. But other sources mention that Comper redesigned the model without the two booms and a low fuselage behind to get space for the propellor.
This version was named Fly and should be under construction and never completed.
With version is correct??????????

Who can help me with the following question: Is the Collega of Aeronautical Engineering of Chelsea and Brooklands still excisting?
Under this name or an other and what is there adress?

So the Scamp or Fly was not completed Capt. Gerard Fane, a supporter of Comper, redesigned the design with was in 1940 build and flown in 1941, the Fane F.1/40.

Cierva C.25 was an autogyro with the Swift fuselage.
Apophenia thank you for the site of Nick Comper which I already found. Do you know how I can get the complete article, because there is missing a page?

Concerning the projects Dominion and Commerce I only know that this should be airliners.

Hi all.
On "Nick Comper and his aircraft" I read
"The two seater Scamp was never built"
(I found a three view drawing)
"The fane F1 (later f1/40) first flew 03.21.1941
registerd G.AGDJ
(I found a photo)
Thats what I also found.
What I found until now is that 3 types, Scamp/Fly/Fane F.1/40, had to do with each other.

Scamp not build (only the college who was working on a scale down model to test the landing gear)
There is prewar article with a drawing and a picture of a model or drawing.

Fly, maybe they have started to build it or still a project???
Further no details/materials.

F.1/40 only one prototype.
only a few pictures

Hi Jan,

for the Scamp ,please see;,3914.0.html
And for Chelsea and Brooklands,I don't know if they still exist ot not.


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Just found while browsing through a number of mags (searching for
something completely else ...) : The Fane F.1/40 :

(from Flying Review 9/95)


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Jemiba thanks for the picture.
Is there any one who has a 3-view and dimensions of the Fan F.1/40 as well from the Fly?
Fane F.1/40 (

80 hp Continental A-80
Gross weight, 1,500 lb (681 kg). Span, 37ftO in (11.28m). Length, 23ft 5 in (7.14 m).

The RAF Museum may have your 3-view drawing. From their document "Aviation Company Records"

"Fane Aircraft Company
Captain Gerard Fane set up the Fane Aircraft Company at Norbury, London. Only one aircraft was produced - an Air Observation Post (i.e. artillery spotting) design, to Air Ministry specification F.1/40 - which first flew in 1941 but did not enter production.

Drawings of the Fane F.1/40, correspondence with engine manufacturers (AC 76/7) "
Found this, here :-

small picture of the comper fly, picture is captioned "Comper Fly (scaled down Scamp) serial number T1788"......



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hesham said:
And for Chelsea and Brooklands,I don't know if they still exist ot not.
Chelsea College of Engineering moved to Shoreham Airport and is still there now albeit under the title Northbrook College (q.v.
:eek: What EXACTLY is the purpose of this topic?

Unless there is a specification in common or a designer in common, there is no justification for this kind of thread...

We have Cierva topics elsewhere, so please use them and leave this one topic for Fane and Comper, at the least! ;)


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cluttonfred said:
The Cierva was built on an a Comper Swift fuselage, there is a direct link here, Stéphane.

No, the Cierva C.24 was built on a De Havilland DH.80 Puss Moth's fuselage, and already had a topic of its own, that's why I moved the post there.

There could be a link between Comper and Fane, perhaps even Cierva, but I believe it must be made clear in the topic's title, otherwise the members will think they can use this topic to post random pics and info on these three companies, which I don't think was the intention here at the start.
Understood, but I was talking about the C.25, see attached. I agree that the title is a bit vague, perhaps "Comper projects, prototypes and spin-offs" would be an improvement. Cheers, Matthew


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The Comper Dominion and Commerce were designed as airliners.
They were prabebly the last projects by Nick Comper.
This is the only information I have.
So everything is welcome.
Hi! Streak and Kite.
"The Comper Streak was a single-engined, single-seat racing monoplane built in the UK in the mid-1930s. It was not successful as a racer and only one was produced."
"The Comper Kite was a single-engined, two-seat touring monoplane built in the UK, derived from the contemporary Comper Streak racer. Only one was built."

Comper Aircraft Company


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And Mouse.
"The Comper Mouse was a 1930s British three-seat cabin monoplane designed by Nicholas Comper, and built by the Comper Aircraft Company at Heston Aerodrome in 1933."


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Well known aircraft,no need to send them in this section.
Actually, as I think all three were one-off prototypes, I think this is exactly where they should be unless we have some other Comper thread of which I am not aware.

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