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6 June 2006
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In 1910 near Paris (Issy-les-Moulineaux) a flight atempt ended in crash. The plane was piloted by Henri Coanda and had a kind of primitive jet engine. A piston engine drove a fan linked to a combustion chamber and an exhaust. this kind of engine is named thermojet and was also used 30 years laters in the Caproni Campini N.1

I imagined that Coanda flight had been more succesfull and that the French Army asked him a fighter-bomber in 1917. Here's the result...


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Few people know how advanced was Coanda 1910.. It was in fact the first jet ever build.
I agree with that.. in fact if few people recognize the coanda its because of two major issues
- first, its crash
- secondly, its engine. the fact that a piston engine drive the compressor (and not a turbine) mean that the engine is not really a GAS TURBINE.
That's why Coanada atempt cannot change really aviation history...

But I think this engine (despite its weaknesses) could have been a stopgap waiting the real reaction engine. I mean, thermojet or motorjet (it's up to you!) could have propell various aircrafts between WWI and WWII. I like imagining a Heyford bomber with such engines :p
Its mainly because it is scratchbuid...and because I have a rebel imagination (I have to modify :) )
It is also an "operational" variant from WWI
Glad you enjoy it :)
Someway the most intriguing aspect is why Mr Archibald's aircraft does not exist in real life ? I mean during WW1 Coanda returned to just improving Sopwith (?) biplanes instead of developping a jet which looked fairly promising ...I wonder why he did not pursue his jet way ....
Lorin's ramjets were probably limited by material resistance and Riffard powder-rockets interceptor looks unflyable but the Coanda Jet looks really promising ....

Additional question : do you know if there were any jet research in Germany/Austria/Turkey during WW1 ?

You can call me Archie if you want ;D
I tried to imagine aircrafts of the 1919-1939 period with Thermojet.

For example there was the first modern american fighter, the P-24/
P-29/P-31. First "modern" aircraft such as the Lockheed and Northrop (Gamma, Vega, Sirius and the like). The P-39 would have been the ideal candidate, with its central engine.

Biplane bomber with this engine would be particularly strange :eek:
Archie, NACA did work on an airplane along the lines of the Caproni Campini. Google "NACA jet" and see what you get. What today we would call a piston powered ducted fan with afterburner, it got around 1000lb of thrust, but used up to 9gpm of fuel.

Kim M
Hi everyone.
This should be of interest. This is all I have but quite a surprise (for me) anyway.
I realize this should have been posteled elsewhere, actually. Just focussed on the thread name.


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