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9 July 2007
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One of the few new items to show up at the IDEX show in the UAE in Feb 2009 was this new brochure on the Chinese AR-1 short range air-to-surface missile, being promoted by Poly Technologies. It is described as being intended for medium and short range UAVs, making it one of the first missiles developed specifically for UAV employment. Guidance is semi-active laser, warhead is a <10 kg shaped charge, launch weight is <45 kg, 1.4 m long, 380mm span, 180mm diameter fuselage. Range is stated to be 2-8km.


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Some pics of CH-3 UCAV(CH=ChaiHong,mean "rainbow" )and AR-1 ATGM in the Zhuhai-2008 Airshow


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Hmmm, that "Chai Hong" seems familiar....,5502.0.html
Just call me Ray said:
Hmmm, that "Chai Hong" seems familiar....,5502.0.html

I think they both have Israeli roots. The Blue Horizon UAV made by Israel's EMIT Aviation. On May 23, 2006 the Jerusalem Post reported that several employees of EMIT had been detained for illegally transferring technology to the PRC.

It is in fact unclear whether the CH-3 does currently carry the AR-1 missile, China Daily cited the Chinese manufacturer's director of system engineering, Mr Wang Weidong, as saying that '(the CH-3) can be used in future to carry air-to-ground weapons.' In other words it is currently limited, like the Blue Horizon, to the surveillance mission.

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