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"Jean Charpentier disparait ensuite sans laisser de trace"

he must have been interned in an insane asylum! ;D

seriously, very cool plane. What are the barrels on the fuselage? recoilless rifles?
I assume the additional armament consisted of motor-cannons?
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What an amazing and original design... ;)
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Armament had certainly to be 6 20mm Hispano HS.404.
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More is at
(as linked on my site )
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the TU issue is 182,but was this fighter involved in 1937 C.1 competition ?.
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There is something strange here..

The Charpentier 310C.1 should be based on additive n° 17 125. A model was tested
in the windtunnel of d'Issy-les-Moulineaux between 30.121937 and 31 janvier 1938.

The patent n° 867 149 (7 juillet 1941 delivered) was deposed at Bordeaux , during the plain collapse of France on 1 June 1940
describing the concept as in the illustration.

The plane was armed with two 20mm motorguns and four 75mm guns firing foreward and aft.
Because of the higly speculative and futuristic layout the idea was never further investigated..

Souce : Le fana de' L'Aviation Novembre 1977 issue 96.
article by Michel Borget
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Thank you my dear Lark,

but what was that mean ?,there is anther drawing to Type-310C.1 ?.
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Some type of recoilless system?
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The gun type is not further described in the article Avimimus.

Since a model of the 310 C1 was tested Hesham , we have the look for a
photo of the model.
According to the text in Le Fana ,the drawing in this thread was not the 310 C1.
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The text in T.U 182 ( thanks Hesham ) confirms..
The brevet 867.149 heavy gun fighter concept is not the Charpentier 310C1.
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lark said:
The text in T.U 182 ( thanks Hesham ) confirms..
The brevet 867.149 heavy gun fighter concept is not the Charpentier 310C1.

New info,many thanks my dear Lark.
Hi all
From an old " le Fana de l'aviation"


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Via my dear Tophe;

maybe this patent solve the problem of C.310,there is a three different shapes to
this aircraft,I think one of them was C.310 ?.


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These are infact the patent drawings and variants of the 867.149 concept (1940)

The fighter design Charpentier 310C1 was three years earlier. (1937)

The confusion came in because the last sentence of a former phrase about the 310C1 was scanned with the
text about the brevet 867.149 . (see text T.U 182 with lettering in bold Charpentier 310C1)

If one reads the text from Le Fana (scan 4 Toura) starting with ' Le 20 Septembre 1937 ... ' and further
all must be clear.

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