Canadian NRC tailless glider

So, if my (often faulty) arithmetic is correct, Leading Edge's 1/72nd scale 50-inch roundels would be just about right in 1/24th?
Thanks for the info. I ordered a couple of different scaled sheets from Leading Edge. Not sure how long they take of how they are shipped. Maybe regular mail. I'll let you know which size fits best.

Any idea on lettering (NRL 108)? I was thinking of using regular Letraset against transparent matt vinyl.
Nice surprise at the mail today. How fitting to receive them this week as it being the 100 year anniversary of the RCAF.
In my research into the NRC Tailless Glider that my Dad worked on, I found a lot of information in the RCAF book so decided to see if I could buy it and it was available!

Thanks to @Apophenia for suggesting Leading Edge for the decals. They were a great price and look great!!


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