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19 November 2007
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on there is shop called Todds-Vintage-Aircraft-Articles that sell articles about aircraft stripped from aviation magazines. Can you identify from which magazines are take these 3 items : 350138135503 (on Bristol 170) 350095990863 ( on Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer) 350097522533 ( on B-45 Tornado). Because I'm interested to buy the entire magazine, not some pages stripped from a magazine for my collection about military aircraft from 1945. I 'm sorry but I can't attach the photos of the subjects above mentioned. Alternatvely you can indicate me a good book, a monography about these aircraft ?
Thank You in advance
First seems to be Air Enthusiast 51 August-October 1993
The Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer by Nick Hemming (1 col profile, 2 3-view line drwgs, 1 2-view line drwg, 1 side view line drwg);
second dunno
third is Wings/Airpower SEP 1973 North American B45
Tornado "Breaching the Walls of Fortress Europe"
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