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overscan (PaulMM)

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27 December 2005
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I'm looking for an issue of "Wings" magazine from 6 October 1958. Possibly this is the magazine also known as "NZ Wings" and now "Pacific Wings. Its got a Farnborough report which mentions the P.1121 project.

Obviously a long shot. Once I'm in NZ I can go find it in the National Library, I hope.
I will check out Auckland Library, but I have a feeling the only hold 5-10 years at most of back issues.

The best source in NZ is the NZ Defence Library in Wellington, it is just a matter of ringing them up and they will let you review a host of defence and aircraft magazines. For a cost you can photo copy articles. I have found it an excellant source.
Hope this does the trick-if not I will forward you some contact details


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Thats great, but the line about P.1121 is on the next page (in the ground exhibits section).
Thanks a lot. So far, its the only periodical in the world I've found that mentioned the P.1121 model on display at Farnborough.
Try contacting he has access to the page you need - Cheers JAZZ

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