Boeing archive trip

Dear Pometablava, PM Scott about it.
Orionblamblam said:
My bills for my forthcoming trip to the Boeing archive are starting to come due, so I'm in the process of finalizing the underwriting costs and list of underwriters. Currently I have ten firm pledges at the going rate; an eleventh would drop the price to $280 + cost of shipping (for which you get copies of *everything* I dig up... photos, scans, photocopies). If interested, please PM me.

Also still taking retroactive underwriters for the 3300 pages of goodies from the Miller archive, though the price is fixed.

When are you going? (What's the deadline for kicking in $$$)
Scott, any news about how the Boeing trip was?
pometablava said:
Scott, any news about how the Boeing trip was?

You might want to get on his mailing list. He was sending out daily updates on the trip.
Short form is, I got lots of stuff (though nowhere near all that I wanted), but due to new and improved ITAR concerns, I gotta keep it pretty much to myself. :mad: All you dirty rotten furriners and your devious underhandedness, gonna take a three-view drawing of a flying wing version of the B-47 and turn it into a nuclear powered VTOL death machine....

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