Boeing 787 Dreamliner Premier Rollout Tin


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1 April 2006
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If any of forum members from US can help me with obtaining this stuff (of course, it will be paid for), I will really appreciate it. Main subject of interest is roll-out video DVD. Thank you anyway!


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You might try contacting "Bring It On" on the Key Publishing Forum.
I always thought he's LMTAS guy... Thanks anyway!
Check his posts on the Commercial forum at Key. Also that forum in general (the commercial one that is) might be a good place.
Hi Gregory,

I have most of that stuff, I'll ask my wife if she feels like parting with anything... we have two of the tins and I think we may have extras of the newspaper articles. We do have two copies of the DVD.

I live in Everett, Wa and used to work at Boeing, before I quit and went back to school. :)
I was contracting on the 787 program, my third go-round with the Lazy B, my wife is an engineer working on the 787 program.

On a related note I see the 747 LCF on a fairly regular basis, it looks pretty cool in person.

Cheers, Jon
Happy you are) My summer visit to Seattle plans crashed this year, may be, next spring...

As I said before, roll-out DVD is a subject of interest - may be you can make a copy of it? Regarding tins and other roll-out stuff, I think you'd better to keep 'em - they became rarity at eBay...last my attempt to bid for it at eBay ended with thoughts that 150 bucks is far too much than I can afford now (interesting that sellers who only shipped to US often ended with 13-20 USD bids, but being asked, never wanted to ship stuff abroad)...
OK Gregory, I'll make you a copy of the rollout DVD .
PM your postal address.
Would you like me to do a CD/DVD of larger versions of the SES-100A info, as well?

Cheers, Jon
Jon - sincere thanks! I hope I'll be able to return you a favor one day!

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