Blue Origin and New SHEPARD RLV

Blue Origin now has some New Glenn flight hardware on the launchpad, from the Space Bucket:

In the timespan of about 24 hours, we just got more information on New Glenn and its first launch than practically the entirety of this rocket’s program. Right now New Glenn hardware is vertical on the launchpad including its booster which has been confirmed as flight hardware. This comes in addition to new info on its landing barge, maiden flight profile, plans to launch twice this year, and much more. Here I will go more in-depth into the recent rollout, all the new insights, what to expect in the coming months, and more.
Any update as to when the first launch of the New Glenn is?
planned was autumn 2019...
...since then no new date for launch.

looking on progress they made with Mockup testing
i guess in one year, they could start static ignition test on Launch pad, follow by test launch end 2025...

Excited to team with SERA, the Space Exploration & Research Agency, to support such an inspiring initiative that makes space more accessible to so many countries! We’re looking forward to flying these future astronauts on #NewShepard and hearing their perspectives about the wonders of space.

SERA is excited to announce a partnership with
@BlueOrigin to develop a human space flight program for citizens of nations who have historically lacked access to space. Our first mission has reserved all six seats on a New Shepard flight.

The Space Bucket has just uploaded a video concerning the status of New Glenn's first flight:

For a while now Blue Origin has been keeping to themselves for the most part while they construct and test New Glenn, a next-generation heavy-lift launch vehicle meant to become the company’s workhorse and future. With a reusable booster and significant payload capabilities, it’s hoping to become a large competitor within the industry, offering low prices and reliability.
However, that’s a lot easier said than done, and considering this will be the company’s first truly orbital-capable rocket, it will need to prove itself starting with a maiden flight. Based on comments from Blue Origin, this first launch attempt could happen as soon as around 5 months from now. Here I will go more in-depth into New Glenn’s progress, progress on the booster’s landing ship, the launch date, and more.
0:38 - New Developments
3:53 - The Maiden Flight

Is the real rocket still nowhere to be seen?
don't know
for moment they test the Mock Up on launch pad to see everything worked as planed
maybe later this year the Mock Up get engines for Static test fire on launch pad.
and wenn all is ok, we could see next year a test launch of New Glenn...
IMO the New Glenn's lading gear design is a better, more elegant design than SpaceX's Falcon 9 first-stage's landing-gear.
Not everyone can be space x. I suspect it will take a large number of tries to perfect recovery, but BO is at least well positioned to be the second company with a reusable stage. They already have landing hardware and are testing it on their first live launch. There are a number of Chinese companies performing hop tests and still others that claim to have a reusable goal but this is the first full scale hardware I’ve seen.

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