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23 January 2008
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hi fellas!!
my name is juanse ,Im looking information about richard vogt proyects in special about asymetricals and pushers planes:......plans,....,photos..,something about... because y dont have much info.....many thanks...
Or on Igor's
(in coöperation with Tophe)

were you will find much about Richard Vogt's work.

..Der crewpod war in der right place befor
wir blast der cannons.. ;D
hi....Im looking information about the proyects into the reichs program called otto s fighter or high performance airplane, Ive believe the proyect bv207 and bv207-3 are in this program...does have any information about it?.... ??? thanks
In Schick&Meyer book "Geheimprojkte der Lufwaffe ,Jagdflugzeuge 1939-1945" (There 's an English ed. too ) 3 pages for P 207/02 and P 207/03.

Just send me an P.M with your mail adress and I'll send you them.
If you're willing to trawl the bookshops:
Hitler's Luftwaffe (3rd. impression, 1979) by Tony Wood & Bill Gunston
Salamander Books [ISBN 0-86101-005-1]
Is exhaustive, and has an excellent section on Blohm Und Voss designs. It is also profusely illustrated.
Oh, i forgot to especially interesting pair of sections in the above book are on the BV 40 attack glider (Designed by Vogt) and the BV155 fighter. So, although it hasn't much on the asymmetricals, i hope this info is of a little use :)
I took Richard's advice and found a copy of Hitler's Luftwaffe. The BV 207 series is not covered.
What is covered:
BV Ha137 - BV Ha139 - BV Ha140
BV 138 - BV 141 - BV 142 - BV 144 - BV 155
BV 222 - BV 40 - BV 238

I was looking for data on the BV P.208 series with the aim of building a free flight rubber powered model(s) - I assume this was your intention also? It is easy to find 3-views but not so easy to find aerofoil sections or fuselarge sections.

If I find some information on the BV P.207 I will be happy to share with you.

Good luck with your search!
I've always liked the Blohm & Voss Ha 137 with its cranked wings, wheel spats and tubular steel spars serving as fuel tanks.

If it weren't for political considerations which meant it really ever had a chance against the Junkers Ju 87, it would have made a great successor to the handy Henschel Hs 123 biplane and could have evolved into a German equivalent of the Il-2 Shturmovik. One can easily imagine an evolved Ha 137 filling that role with a more powerful engine, more armor, the optional 20mm guns in the spats, perhaps deleting the nose guns and interrupter gear to save weight and armed with rockets or hollow-charge bombs for use against tanks. By all accounts it was a very maneuverable aircraft.
I renamed the thread somewhat, to make clear the connection between Richard Vogt and Blohm & Voss.
In Der Flieger, March 1966, a derivative of his Bv 222 design is shown (obviously the C-series), powered
by four BMW 801 engines, so increasing overall power from around 5,400 hp to 6,800 hp.


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Hi Jens,

thanks for sharing this marvelous stuff. Does the magazine add more projects?
From the same article (Der Flieger, March 1966) the P.177, dive bomber and low-level attack a/c,
described as having a wing similar to the P.179:


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from Ali magazine,here is early impression for BV.222,of course there is
a misprint in the comment on the drawing.


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Seems to be based on descriptions and not on actual documents. For example, the wing floats are
shown as one-piece units, not as split floats, as they already were realised on the first example.
Lovely, Justo, thanks. I have always liked these asymmetrical B&V designs. The PV.178 jet dive bomber in particular always seemed like an elegantly simple arrangment--in some ways, Richard Vogt was the Burt Rutan of his era. Image below by Joshua Hildwine from Cheers, Matthew


Justo Miranda said:
Jemiba said:
Seems to be based on descriptions and not on actual documents. For example, the wing floats are
shown as one-piece units, not as split floats, as they already were realised on the first example.

That's right my dear Jemiba,also note the different in cockpit.
There are several changes from the original configuration, that wouldn't have been easy to
incorporate. Apart from the cockpit (further aft and fully glazed) the tail has been widened
considerably to accommodate the tail turret. I have the feeling, the artist got the order to make
a drawing of the "military Bv 222" and as a pattern, he just compared the Shorts S.23 Empire
and the Sunderland ! Nothing wrong with this method, as long as there aren't more information
available and the result is marked as guesswork. ;)

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