Blohm & Voss P.207

I was just looking for information about this project and found this thread.

I can see a some differences between Justo drawing and the one on luft46 ( here the file scaled up).
For example the drawings in the luft46 show a more triangular section than Justo drawing or the copkit is not the buble type.

Another source of information is available for this project or the differences are just a different interpretation?


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From what I found, the P.207-03 was designed either for the Jumo 213or the Argus Ar 413, an astonishing point
to me, as the Argus should have more than twice the power of the Jumo ! Nevertheless, that probably would mean
considerable diferences in engine size and so different fuselage sizes for those variants.
Apart from that, I'm still of the opinion, that most of those "projects" were, what we call "concepts" today, more
or less quite lax ideas about future aircraft. The P.207-02 didn't even came close to being built, if so, the final
drawings may have been something very different again.

as I know,the BV P.207 was developed with either 2500 hp Jumo 222,4000 hp
Argus As413 or 1750 hp Daimler-Benz DB 603 engine.
There were, of course other fighter designs, too, that experienced an increase of installed power of more
than 100 % (e.g. the Spitfire, but starting from the drawing board, such a difference seems not plausible, as
long, as it wasn't just the first version with the DB, which was rejected as being underpowered abd then
developing into more and more powerful ones. Then we would see just a line of developments of the same
type and not several variants here.
Gentlemen thanks a lot for the information as I thought because It's a paper project it's open to interpretation.

I've tried to make a 3d view from the luft46 picture and it's inconsistent. The front view don't match then side and top view. I began to understand why Justo redraw it ::)
Alcides said:
I've tried to make a 3d view from the luft46 picture and it's inconsistent. ::)

Well, that's a problem with really a lot of 3-views, you can find in the net or in printed
publications, too. You know "Don't believe in 3-views, you didn't manipulate by yourself !" ;)

What would be really interesting here, is the source drawing ..
According the book "Die Deutsche Luftrüstung 1933-1945 Vol.1"
By Heinz J. Nowarra

P.207 has a Jumo 213 with 1800 hp
here the plane described as low wing fighter, with Cruciform tail unit i
P.207.02 has tail unit in form of cross, with rectangle Tailplane and Vertical stabilizer
P.207.03 as no upper Vertical stabilizer in tail unit
the version 03 has air intake under fuselage behind the Wings,

According the book "Geheimprojecte der Luftwaffe"
by Walter Schick and Ingolf Meyer

on P.207 were 3 version study
on P.207.01 there no information
the P.207.02 planed a Jumo 213 J engine, the author explain that is the only information avable about P.207.02
then he explain that the concept could presumably similar to version of the P.297.02, who used a AS 413 engine (4000 Hp)

the P.207.03 had to used a DB 603 G engine
Considerable different to the other versions. Perhaps you can tell us something
about the source material ?
Jemiba said:
Considerable different to the other versions. Perhaps you can tell us something
about the source material ?

Maybe this 1968 booklet ? ;)


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"A.1.2 (G) Report Nº 2383"
D.of I(R)
January 1946
New and Projected TypesBy H.F. King
Squadron Leader
for Wing Commander


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"Paper Planes of the Third Reich"
Based on British Air Inteligence Reports
TOROS Publications


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Thanks a lot for the information and the drawings. Seems we've very few information on the 207.02 version.
:( :( ... I like a lot that mouth-shark and triangular section ...
Thank you Justo and richard, too.
We are back then to the problem, which materials the British intelligence staff actually had.
May well be, that it was a drawing of the P.207.03 and the verbal information from someone,
"that versions with tha big Argus engine, or maybe the Jumo" were thought about, too. And, "yes,
generally there were attempts to simplify wing shapes andso on to ease production ...". ::)
Gary great!!! Fantastic an original drawing.

Just if we've a bit of luck with the p.207.02
Would be interesting, to know if those three variants were drawn one after the other during the
development, or if they were more or less parallel developments. Judging the wing planform, the -03
seems to be the aerodynamically the most advanced version, but intended to use the least powerful
engine of the three engine types. I'm still wondering about the plank like wing shown on the drawing
of the 02 and 03. If correct and keeping in mind the date and situation of the German aviation industry,
I could imagine, that a maximum of man hours needed for the construction was fixed. So a more power-
ful engine, which probably needed longer to be built, could have been compensated by a simpler airframe.
Hmmm.....good design except long and heavy weight propeller shaft. Propeller shaft also need counter measure for vibration.
Why B&V did not select canard shape?
Here are drawings of the 01 and 02 versions


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kiradog said:
P.207.01 version
So this is a P.207.03 with DB603G engine. Please confirm right bottom of top drawing.
Top drawing radiator air intake shape is little different from the bottom drawing which richard-san posted.


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Is this a P.207 02 with As413 4000hp engine? Fuselage is wide. Single propeller!!


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Is this a P.207 01 or a P.207 02 with Jumo213 engine?
Kiradog-san's contributions are really amazing which seems to be the original one.
May I ask the source of your contributions?
Microfilm of the NASM archives? A treasure island! ;)


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