Blackburn B.3/40 B.28 High Speed Bomber


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4 June 2006
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British Secret Projects: Fighters and Bombers 1935-1950 Tony Buttler

This private venture high-speed light bomber and reconnaissance design first proposed in 1939, was based on the Botha torpedo bomber. It was powered by two Griffins and had a span of 54ft 9in and length (tail down) of 39ft 0in. Specification B.3/40 was written around the project and indicated a maximum speed of at least 400mph at 18,000ft, with the warload to include two 500lb or four 250lb bombs; there was also an allowance to fit a four-gun turret. This seems to have been a quite long-lived project and one prototype, X8500, was ordered in 1940; a mock up was also built but the B.28 was eventually abandoned.

How accurate can the speed projections be?
specifications was :
  • speed 644 km/h @ 5,486 m
  • armament : four-gun turret, 2 bombs of 227kg or 4 of 113 kg
(from page 81 of awesome book)

nb: It was powered by two Griffons !

How accurate can the speed projections be?

i don't know, probably with complicate calculation and gallery of wind and considering the performance of Griffons !

So in 1940 they had not again the pc ! ;D ;D
With a lot of the designs in the book, you do get the official thinking on the potential 'close', 'optimistic', 'not a chance' but with this one you don't get anything even though a prototype was ordered - does that suggest the official thinking was destroyed at some time?

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