Bell Model 68 VTOL research vehicle (USAF/NASA X-14)

Well, a farm ....

(photos used from and


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I had no idea. If asked, I would have said that the Larry Bell Museum in Mentone had scored the X-14. I had no idea that there was another hangar in a farm field in the middle of nowhere Indiana with museum items, much less an artifact of this quality and significance.

The Bell X-14 is the cause of one of the gaps in aircraft designations. The Tilt Rotor Research Aircraft was originally given the designation XV-14, but NASA Ames management, which was running the program, asked for a change to XV-15 because Bell had won the competition to design and build it. The Bell (Buffalo) X-14 was still on flight status there and they were concerned about the potential for confusion between a Bell X-14 and a Bell XV-14. True story - I was at Bell at the time working on the program.
X-14 at Bell plant. Next to it is an unknown VTOL. Found at NARA.


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The "unknown" aircraft is Bell Model 65 ATV,9019.0.html
reloaded pic from Justo after topic reorganization


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Some nice photos from Niagara Aerospace Museum


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Bell X-14 model


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Re: Bell X-14 model

$6,500. Sure. Lemme check my couch cushions for some change...

Funny thing is, that's not far off from how much the Ropkey Armor Museum spent to buy the *actual* X-14.
Does anyone know the fate of the X-14 now that the Ropkey Museum has closed?

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