Beech YAU-22A


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19 November 2007
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Anyone has drawings, specification, photos, about the Beech YAU-22A ptototipe in the USAF's PAVE COIN programme for a low cost counterinsurgency aircraft ?
Is that a program from Vietnam War era?
Yes, It was a programm of vietnam era probably of 1971. Another contender was Piper PA-48 Enforcer
I thank you Overscan, but I already have saw this site.Are there another sources on internet or in the flightglobal archive ?
Hmm, too bad the old Japanese 1/72 kit is of the short fuselage version. What's the name of that Yugoslav outfit that does all the US civil aircraft?

Kim M
Dear Overscan
excuse me, I believe that you take the information about this aircraft from books, revues or other sources.
A gallery of pics and a history of the YAU-22A are available at the following website:


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