Beech Model 45/YT-34 Mentor

Mark Nankivil

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Jun 13, 2007
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Hi All -

I have a close friend (who authored the recent "Killer Rays" book covering the Douglas F4D Skyray and F5D Skylancer) who is now deeply into a book on the history of the T-34 Mentor and is looking for info, drawings and photos covering the T-34, especially the early genesis with the Model 45 and YT-34s. One of the items he's hunting for is a quality photo of the V tailed YT-34. Thanks in advance!

Anyone have a good contact at the Kansas Aviation Museum? Beech/Raytheon/Hawker (or whatever they were called at the time of the transaction) reportedly gave all the archival materials on the program to the Museum. I may help Mark by making a road trip to the Museum but like any other organization, making contact with a specific individual is usually helpful before heading down the road.

Enjoy the Day! Mark

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