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17 February 2006
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Is there anyone who knows more about the initial Beech model 28 Destroyer.

It seems that this early concept was of a different configuration compared
with the later XA-38 Grizzly development.

Some sources mention an illustration of the initial design in the 'Aircraft five-view album' series
but I'm unable to trace this excellent -older- series.

Much thanks in advance.
The editor/artist of the 5 view series, Bernhard Klein, has been participating recently in the Air Warfare Forum. You may be able to contact him through that website.

Best Regards,

Artie Bob
Yes indeed , I tried but no reaction came.
Thanks anyway..
I finally found it !
From "Airplane five view album" by B.C.F. Klein


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Over the years I have encountered several references to the original Beech 28 proposal being a bomber-desroyer rather than an attack aircraft (reference inlclude Rayy Wagner's "American Combat Planes"). The proposal was around March 1942

Does anyone have any information as to this proposal as opposed to the latter attack versions.
",,being a bomber-desroyer rather than an attack aircraft "

That's what was said in a FlugRevue article by H.Redemann from
the '70s, too. The design for a heavy fighter/destroyer was drawn
in 1941, especially to counter heavy long-range bombers. In March
1942 it was proposed to the USAF, but in the time that followed,
it's role was changed to ground attack.

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