'barrel bomb' ???

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I assume you mean the highlighted structure


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I think the payload on the centre rack is what's being referred to ;)

Is the aircraft a P?
I think that might actually be a rato unit, which were shaped like that.
Just call me Ray said:
I think that might actually be a rato unit, which were shaped like that.

I thought the same, but the RATO units used on the AR234 were smaller and mounted up very near the wing, as in the photo here:

(Photo credit: Michael Yew from Austin, Texas, USA, Creative Commons License)


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In various suspicious literature (think Friedrich Georg, Rob Arndt et al) the Barrel Bomb ("Fassbombe" in German) has been linked to every kind of Nazi secret last-days-of-the-war superweapon you care to name: nuclear, chemical, radiological, FAE, super-chemical, deep-freeze, etc..

To me, it always looked rather like a (air droppable ?) canister for supplies. And if you absolutely want it to be a weapon, my best bet would be an FAE or a firebomb (napalm or equivalent). This, I hasten to stress, is pure speculation on my part, however.

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Did they think about baggage pods back then?
Odd thing is it does look like a pressure vessel.....
Might just be a fuel tank. A bomb that tubby would likely tumble without stabilizing fins... so the designers didn't *care* if it tumbled. That means either a drop-tank, or a napalm bomb, or... ?
maybe it is a type of aerial mine? it would probably deploy a parachute of some kind out of the back?
i dont think it is a rato pod, as i doubt it would be mounted in the center of the arcraft like a bomb would. ???
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