Barnes Wallis's All-Speed aircraft

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21 December 2006
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After the cancellation of the Swallow design Barnes Wallis turned to 'All Speed' aircraft. One used a 'cascade' wing to achieve VTOL and Mach 4.5. Another used wing and fuselage cambering for low speed flight. Both are in the 'conceptual' category I think, although it is said that some wind tunnel work was carried out on them.


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Barnes Wallis "CASCADE"

Anyone ever heard of this project?

There's a model of it at RAF Reserve Collection, Stafford.
Re: Barnes Wallis "CASCADE"

Thanks, merged with older topic :)

So, this project was at least built as a model.
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overscan said:
There's a model of it at RAF Reserve Collection, Stafford.

Do you have any idea on access restrictions to RAF Stafford? I live close by and could go and take a look.
I've arranged a visit in connection with my book on P.1103/P.1121. I imagine they would discourage casual visits from all and sundry though.
Found a memorial lecture booklet in Farnborough library...


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...and some diagrams from it. ;D


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'This is incredible, Mr.Bond' Thank you, thank you for these wonderful details!
Cannot read it on the drawing, but according to "Stuck On The Drawing Board", span
would have been 52 ft and so I got a length of approximately 147,8 ft by measuring ... ;)
It says overall length 150'.

Looks like aielerons front and rear and would the bump underneath be another form of propulsion for the high speed portion of its flight?

Ref. Bouncing Bomb Man, Ian Murray, Haynes Publishing, 2009


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Could any winglet extend for a flight speed where it works best? Xylophone might have been a better name.
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