Civilian airliner using the wings of Barnes Wallis Victory Bomber


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Jun 4, 2006
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Barnes Wallis drew up in 1940 rough specifications for a bomber he christened the ‘Victory Bomber’ – it would weigh 50 tons and fly at 320mph at 45,000 feet carrying a 10-ton bomb for 4,000 miles.

It went through a period of development before being abandoned - apparently a major problem (as far as the Air Staff were concerned) was the ability to carry only one large bomb - didn't seem to know about the atom bomb....

Specs of the Victory Bomber:


Span( 172/52.4
Length( 96/29.3
Wing area(ft2/m2): 2675/248.8
Max Weight(lb/kg): 104,000/47,174
Engines: 6x Merlin RM.6.SM or Hercules
Max speed(mph/kmh) at height(ft/m): 352/566 at 32,000/9,754
Armament: 1x 10ton bomb, 4x defensive guns


Span( 172.1/52.5
Length( 100.8/30.7
Wing area(ft2/m2): 2676/248.9
Max Weight(lb/kg): 113,500/51,484
Engines: 6x Merlin 60
Max speed(mph/kmh) at height(ft/m): 360/579 at 40,000/12,192
Armament: 32,000lb of bombs, 2x 0.5" MGs

Now, what kind of performance do you think you could have got from a passenger transport version that used the wings but had a new circular pressurised fuselage in the same way the Valiant, Victor and Vulcan all had passenger transports that used their wings etc?

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