Civilian airliner using the wings of Barnes Wallis Victory Bomber


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4 June 2006
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Barnes Wallis drew up in 1940 rough specifications for a bomber he christened the ‘Victory Bomber’ – it would weigh 50 tons and fly at 320mph at 45,000 feet carrying a 10-ton bomb for 4,000 miles.

It went through a period of development before being abandoned - apparently a major problem (as far as the Air Staff were concerned) was the ability to carry only one large bomb - didn't seem to know about the atom bomb....

Specs of the Victory Bomber:


Span( 172/52.4
Length( 96/29.3
Wing area(ft2/m2): 2675/248.8
Max Weight(lb/kg): 104,000/47,174
Engines: 6x Merlin RM.6.SM or Hercules
Max speed(mph/kmh) at height(ft/m): 352/566 at 32,000/9,754
Armament: 1x 10ton bomb, 4x defensive guns


Span( 172.1/52.5
Length( 100.8/30.7
Wing area(ft2/m2): 2676/248.9
Max Weight(lb/kg): 113,500/51,484
Engines: 6x Merlin 60
Max speed(mph/kmh) at height(ft/m): 360/579 at 40,000/12,192
Armament: 32,000lb of bombs, 2x 0.5" MGs

Now, what kind of performance do you think you could have got from a passenger transport version that used the wings but had a new circular pressurised fuselage in the same way the Valiant, Victor and Vulcan all had passenger transports that used their wings etc?
Wouldn't that be something broadly in the Boeing Stratocruiser class?
That's possible, but remember that the Bristol Type 167 Brabazon was in the same weight class as the V-tail Bristol 100-ton bomber, not the Stratocruiser.

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