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4 May 2007
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Spotted this at Brooklands - anybody know anything about it?



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Interesting would be to start from Mr.Broomfield I suppose.
What could be Hush...ultraquiet LO strike aircraft scale prototype in a 80s traditions (actually built, seems to)...but these unstealthy weird winglets...
And if it was just a paper concept, why artist depicted this nose probe in such a details?
Maybe Hush is one of Nick Cook's antigravity machines... Damn, I said too much. Zombie Kammler will turn up at my door holding a suppressed Schmeisser...
Nick Cook always was aerospace journalism's Richard Tomlinson for me
PS Who did say that Tomlinson was a bad guy?
I think you'll ind that the quality of the image gives the wrong impression of the wing shape. It's definitely TSR2 - wing tips pointing down.
... and I thought Avatar was talking Spitfire=)

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