Fairey Rotodyne by David Gibbings

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Anybody know anything about this forthcoming book?




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The book is by an engineer who worked on the project, so I think it would be a good read.

here's the publisher's page on the book
Fairey Rotodyne

ISBN-13: 978-0752449166
David Gibbings
The airliner whose hour came too soon!

Fairey's Rotodyne (a British compound autogyro intended for commercial and military applications) was considered to be one of the iconic projects of the 1950/60s and a bright future was planned for the aircraft. Widely believed to be a revolutionary design, it was cheap, fast and capable of vertical take-off and landing in a small space. An aircraft ahead of its time, there has been little published on the Rotodyne. This book, by Rotodyne expert David Gibbings, seeks to fill a gap in aviation literature and offers a long-awaited full, illustrated and in-depth history of the Rotodyne, many of whose features are still valued by organisations such as NASA, highly in demand and used to this day.

Publication Date : 01-04-2009
Imprint : The History Press Ltd
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 160
I saw a presentation David Gibbings gave on the Rotodyne last year. The best talk on any aviation subject I have ever been to.

It will be well worth buying the book IMHO - he really knows his stuff and brings the Rotodyne story to life.
Just finished reading this one and I highly recommended it.

The layout is very easy to read and is full of fascinating high quality technical drawings. My only criticism is that it suffers from a complete lack of colour photographs (apart from the front and back cover). This is a shame as colour would have really brought the story to life.

Of course it also stings that it's another tale of an impressive British technological achievement that maybe was a little ahead of it's time, but it should have been put on display rather than scrapped :mad:

Overall though, I'm glad I brought it :)

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