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Bruce Johnson

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13 January 2008
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For any of you around the Los Angeles area, I have a complete collection of Aviation Week from about 1985 to present. I'm willing to give it away to anyone who can actually use it. I believe that I have every single issue from those years. They're clean, arranged chronologically, no torn out pages, only a few wrinkled covers. I think it's about 8 file cabinet drawers worth.

I suppose I could ship them if someone wants to pay the cost.

Contact me at xstrange@earthlink.net if interested.

Bruce Johnson
Re: Aviation Week Collection Available (free to anyone who can collect in LA)

Well, if I lived in LA I'd be there like a shot. Unfortunately I live in London.
I'm surprised by lack of interest...OK, if I could rent a cargo plane from SVO to LAX and back...
I'd definitely take them off your hands except that I'm in Australia.'


Matej, I've bought once four years of AWST from eBay...so, shipping was around USD 150 AFAIR...so I'm out...)))
Hehe, just a few days ago I ordered the electroluminescent indigo dials for my car from Polad - it means distance cca 100 km from my house and weight about 0,2 kg. I paid 450 Slovak crounds/14 EUR as shipment costs ::)


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I purchased a set of Wings/Air Power mags at eBay last November. Cost of goods: 10$; Post and Packing from USA to Spain: 40$. I'd love to purchase that AW&ST but P&P make it impossible. That's why I dream with pdf magazines downloadable to my computer at 0$ P&P. Downloadable mags already exist (www.zinio.com) but no aerospace mag is still available :'(.
We just need someone unemployed in the US, living near Bruce, who could take the mags
and send scans on demand for a reasonable price ! ;D
That would be the starting point for an "Aviation Research Company", beginning with Aviation
Week and hopefully as soon as possible adding other mags, like Le Fana.
Maybe a joint-stock company ? I would like to be shareholder !

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