Arsenal VG.20 (1/72 scratchbuilt model by CAO 700)

Sentinel Chicken said:
Very nicely done effort! What scale is it and was it totally scratch built or did you have to do some kitbashing along the way?

I believe the scale is listed in the subject header - 1/72.

I too am curious about any kit-bashing in this project.

Thanks John, Chicken nd the Artist!

Scale is 1/72.

To build this model I've got used parts from a Loire 130 Replica (green parts), an Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik Mikro72 (white parts)and an Arsenal VG.33 Azur (grey parts). That is yellow is Milliput (a lot of Milliput! ;D)

Some pictures:

Hi Justo, not exactly. The VG.20 was a Vernisse-Galtier project and the VB.10 was a Vernisse-Badie project. But the VG.20 can be considered as the grand'uncle of the VB.10. The VG.20 never was built, but various VB.10 were built at the end of the war.

Wood had to be used for the VG.20 and the VB.10 was a metallic plane.

Very interesting drawings! Thanks!
A very interesting subject for scratch-building and an excellent execution. I wasn't familiar with the VG.20...i take it was a twin engined aircraft with a second buried engine behind the cockpit?

I googled "arsenal VG.20" and came up empty you have any good links to suggest or further documentation on it?

Hi AeroFranz, the drawing I used to build this what-if is from Jean-Marie Cuny, maybe from le "Fanatique de l'Aviation". I asked to a friend of mine the number of this "Fana".
Thanks for posting these in progress shots. I like being able to get a look at other people's building techniques.

A very nice build.
Thank you! Others pictures later, I've got problems with my computer ;D

And excuse me because I don't write english as well as I would
Thank you very much Skyraider. Your drawings are so nice! I love the Manta Fighter! Does it exist a kit of this US project?
I still need to properly finish or redo the Manta, as it's one of my earlier models and not very good. It's a very interesting design and has had a lot of attention.
No kit is available, but if I remember correctly Terry Harner in the USA has developed a combat RC model kit out of it, after winning several championships with his original built inspired by my 3D image. Other people who've built the Manta since for RC flying all agree that it flies exceptionally well, most likely due to the wing design.
Hi Skyraider, thank you very much for your very complete answer, I hope somebody will realize a good kit of this very interesting project!
:eek: :eek: :eek:


I've just discovered this thread and this is a marvelous model! The subject is original, the work detailed and perfectly executed... Congratulations! I think I'll be suggesting this for the Whif contest... Are you on the What If Modelers forum as well?
I saw some of this on What If, but I didn't see the assembly. Those seats, that instrument panel, and all that detail, and you did it in 1/72. I do not have words to adequately express my wonder. WOW!
The page is too long now for all the pictures... I can no longer see the bottom of it. Can you resize some of the pics?
From " Les chasseurs Arsenal VG30 á VG70" by Jean Cuny et Raymond Danel,Le Fanatique de L' aviation
circa 1992


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Hi! Twin engines?


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blackkite said:
Hi! Twin engines?
Yes, they were all (VB-10, VG-20 and VG-10) foreseen as engines in tandem planes (as the Kawasaki Ki-64).

The flying testbed, destroyed in Lyon-Bron on 30/04/1944 by allied bombers, was a modified one-engine Latécoère 299, the Latécoère 299A (its two engines were closer together and before the pilot). It flew three times before to be destroyed. 4 photos and 2 drawings on this Russian links :

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