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11 March 2006
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Looking at the aircraft used by high ranking politicians, the bigger the better seems to be
the motto. A Boeing 737 is at the lower edge, suitable for third-world countries only, an
Airbus 310 is the smallest type, one of our beloved chancelors/president deserves, not to
mention “Air Force 1”. When will we see an A 380 in this role ?
But the lates issue of Le Fana made me think about the possibilty, that an aircraft like the
Dassault Falcon 75 could have turned that trend. Not big and not fitted with bed-and
bathroom, but sleek and fast, it could have been used to show a new kind of self-confidence.
Although designed in the late ’60s, it probably wouldn’t have been in service before the beginning
of the ‘80s and so could still be around today and maybe one of them would look like my CP.
And, judging the nature of the officiating french president (or at lest, what is asserted about it
by the media) , maybe it would even have been decorated with a special nose-art ? ;D

P.S.: An excuse to the reg- and numbercrunchers : The registration is pure phantasy,
I not even had a look, if it isn’t in use for a real aircraft, sorry .. ;)


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That truly hilarious! Well done Jemiba.

Slighty out of the subject (maybe) I've built a 1/72 scale Air Force One Sonic Cruiser last year.
;D ROFL...
Jemiba, looks like that your crystal ball sometimes works...
Well, not quite, not a "Dassault Falcon 7V", but instead a "Dassault Falcon 7X". ;) B) :D

The first Dassault Falcon 7X has now been delivered to the French Air Force. It is completed with the hand-painted legend 'Carla One' glistening on its side, in honour of First Lady Carla Bruni.
Source in French:
@FanaAviationMag said:
Falcon 75. @DassaultFalcon supersonic variable-sweep wings, 1968. Same time as the @Dassault_OnAir Mirage G. Drawing found in Fana archives...


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Goddam it, Lazlo Carreidas bizjet come true. What's more, Carreidas was a clone of Marcel Dassault.

i guess after this incident
France and Germany official think about buying bigger State-Aircraft...
. . . and now Boris wants a 'Brexit One' . . .

Sadly because budget reduction do Brexit
Minister Johnson will travel the cannel to Brussels this way...
studies are underway for a TransAtlantic Cable

H is really one hell of a buffoon. What a strange man, really.
Just wait until Jacob Rees-Mogg is Prime Minister!



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@Michel Van . . . XLNT ! ! !

@Archibald . . . Boris is actually a very clever man, and like Baldrick, he has a cunning plan, however, his previous plan failed, so now he's on to his second one . . . ;)

CJGibson said:
Just wait until Jacob Rees-Mogg is Prime Minister!

Please don't say that, I have enough trouble sleeping as it is, Phil Mogg, on the other hand . . .



PS I have to admit that I do like Boris' pre-mayoral/ministerial history documentaries on the BBC. They are very good.

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