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31 January 2008
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In 1947 I.Ae (Instituto Aerotécnico de Córdoba) flew the I.Ae.Colibri trainer and I understand up to 3 examples may have been built. However, I also came across the I.Ae.32 Chingolo which allegedly flew in 1950. It was claimed to be powered by a Blackburn Cirrus Major III engine (as was the Colibri) and that it had tandem-seating (again like the Colibri). I was never able to locate a photo of the I.Ae.32 and wonder whether anyone knows whether the aircraft was really built or that is was just was a project.

There was a very informative web-page
covering a lot of Argentina's activity in military and experimental aircraft design.

The text is Spanish, but the pictures is available for all languages.
And there were at least two photos of I.AE. 32 CHINGOLO (on the ground)


P.S. Here you could obtain a link to the PDF copy of site contents (or most part of it). Note - registration and actual E-mail required to receive download link.


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An interesting site... I had'nt realised the extent of Argentine aerospace development. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Regards Bailey.
Dear Silencer1,
Thank you very very much for the link and fortunately no problem for me it is in Spanish.
In the past I visited several sites on Argentina aviation, but only found the I.Ae.32 mentioned as one having been built, but no photo or details.
I know I `ll have a good weekend.
Thanks again !

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