Anything up and coming from Tony Buttler?

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27 September 2006
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After last year's blockbuster American Secret Projects: Fighters and
the British Hypersonics, Rockets and Missiles is there anything up and coming from Tony B in the what-if book line?

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There will be some articles we originally planned for the Air Enthusist about "Chinese Projects" and "Chinese Secret Projects" in the following issues of the International Air Power Review ...

If everything goes as planned All in short ...

1. 'focus aircraft' report on the JH-7 for issue 26 (I just sent the final text yesterday !)

2. 'special report' on Chinese secret fighter projects = SAC J-10, J-11, NAC J-12, SAC J-13, for issue 27.

3. 'warplane classic' report on the J5/J6/Dong Feng projects for issue 28

4. 'focus aircraft' report on the Su-27/-30/J-11 for issue 29

Cheers, Deino

PS: the profiles again will be made by Sentinel Chicken !!
From Tony Buttler

Phil Butler and I have nearly completed an HP Victor Aerofax which we hope should be out by the end of the year. There is some project stuff in it. Much under-rated aircraft the Victor.
Flying Sorcerer said:
Any chance there might be an airliner projects book?

I presume you've already read Stuck on the Drawing Board: Unbuilt British Commercial Aircraft Since 1945 by Richard Payne?

Its only £14.99 from Amazon UK:
Any chance there might be an airliner projects book?

"Stuck on the Drawing Board" is the reference for British unbuilt airliners. Buy it. You'll be delighted with that gem!

Still waiting for US Airliners, Soviet/Russian Airliners,French Airliners,German Airliners... ;D

I bought a copy of that book:,4619.msg36496.html#msg36496

Some US project airliners here, but is not enough for the real unbuilt project fanatic.
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