Anyone knows this mysterious aircraft?


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2 December 2015
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I have a challenge for all of you. A friend of mine has a memory of an aircraft that he saw during his childhood in the late 70s, in an isolated area of the American interior. He thinks it was a UFO, but I think he may have seen some experimental aircraft. The details of the aircraft are:

- The aircraft remained motionless in the air, a few feet above a lake. (VTOL? Helicopter? Or another type of aircraft?)
- On each side, there were something like an antenna. He had the impression that these antennas were moving in some way. He could not identify if the antennas were retractable or flexible.
- The aircraft has lozenge shape;
- There was the presence of two small openings, which appears to have transparent glass.
- Under the aircraft, there was something similar to a "valve";
- He had the impression that one of the side, there was the presence of the letters *HJP* (perhaps together, perhaps with a space between them), written in black. However, he is not sure if he actually saw those characters.
If any of you have a hunch about what is this aircraft (photos, name, etc.), I thank you because he never forgot that episode.
Could have been a crop dusting helicopter with a wanderlust pilot ::) or a forest fighting helicopter with a bamsi bucket ("valve"?). A sketch would help. ;)


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Ryan XV-5?

Something like this.


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The US military has run several Chinooks over the years with various icing spray rigs hung below them. The idea is that other aircraft fly in the water spray off the rigs at freezing temperatures.



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