Anyone have "Planes That Never Were" on DVD?


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5 April 2006
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It's not available here in the US, and the UK Amazon site only lists Region 2 DVDs (which wouldn't play here in the US). I'm interested in a few screenshots, and it seems that the company that produced this ("Alba Communications Ltd") seems to have evaporated. Can anyone help out?

If you're referring to 'Planes that never flew'

Parts of it are available on 'Youtube', especially the Atomic Bomber at

Of course, there's bittorrent and other p2p releases if you are not offended by the intellectual property implications.

Hope that helps.
I have them all. E-mail me.
"The Atomic Bomber" episode was very interesting. I don't understand why the Planes That Never Flew should appear on Discovery Channel UK and not on the Discovery Networks channels here in the United States. Is it the UK English narration or something that they believe that Americans won't understand it? :(

I would love to see the other three episodes. "Jet Fighter" covers the Lockheed L133. "The Last Rocket Fighter" reveals how Britain developed an advanced rocket plane the Saunders ROE SR177. "America's SST" covers the Boeing SST to rival Concorde.
I've seen those episodes on and the WS-125 and L-133 were quite interesting, considering that no one has ever made a nuclear-powered plane.
Was there an episode of this 'Planes That Never Were' on the Martin SeaMaster?


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