Anybody have any info on the M1A3 Abrams?


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3 June 2011
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This was a design kicked around during the late 80's early 90's. It had a much more streamlined look to it and as I recall the longer L55 gun and an autoloader. The only picture I've seen of it was of a model in an issue of Military Technology (unfortunately in a box under a mountain of stuff out in the shed).
A cursory search produced thsi scheme explaining the philosophy of the common main body to obtain a family of specialized vehicles. M1A3 was called Block III. In the same picture you can see an early configuration of the now cancelled Crusader and the Bradley 2.


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That's not the one I was thinking of. It had a turret that had a somewhat sweptback look much like the earlier MBT-70. (All I managed to find Googling was bunch of toy concepts :p )
Uhmmm, ok, I'll have to look in the 80's part of my archives. That came from the early 90s
The "M1A1 block III"

(source MP Argentinian edition Aug 1988)


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M1A3 filmed and photographed?

Watch at 1:35
I'm definitely not an expert for tanks and yes, at first glance I thought, too,
that the front of the turret is inclined backwards only and has no kink.
But that may be just an illusion because of the perspective from slightly below.


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To be more precise, it's apparently the first CATTB prototype, fitted with the 140 mm smoothbore Advanced Tank Cannon (ATAC). Note the qualifier, another M1 chassis was also fitted with the system, prior to it being installed in the first CATTB.
bobbymike said:
M1A3 filmed and photographed?

Apart from the M1A3 program's clear intent to use the exsisting turret there is one strong reason (apart from CATTB) that this tank could never be part of the M1A3 project: its not painted desert yellow.

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