Any dimensional or powerplant data for the Hafner P.D.6?...



Ray Sturtivant's 'British Research and Development Aircraft: Seventy Years at the Cutting Edge' has the 3-view of craft.
Sturtivant states that Specification 10/39 was issued to cover the project and the it was assigned serial T3005.
However, he gives no technical data.

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the P.D.6 should build by Short. P.D. stand for "Power Driven", not for Short "Preliminary Design". Short Brother began work but in August 1939 Raoul Hafner was interned. The powerplant was a 125HP Pobjoy "Niagara V" and had a rotor diameter of 12,00m.
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sure enough on pages 455-456 of 'Shorts Aircraft since 1900'. Doh.

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Haviland Platt and Dr. W. Laurence LePage collaborated on a similar layout for a single rotor helicopter in the mid-30s, Dr. LePage published drawings for what the High Speed Platt helicopter would have looked like.

I'll have to scan the image I have.
From Air Pictorial 1949.


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