Another potential tragedy at Ft. Rucker


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18 October 2006
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Sitting out in the sun in very poor condition. By the same people who destroyed the XCH-62 and "cut", yes cut, the tail rotors off of the AH-56A Cheyanne that used to sit in front of the Army Aviation museum. One of the very few Tri-Service Harriers brought the the United States. Sitting unprotected with bits like the nose section tossed into the mid-section where the Pegesus once resided. Note on the picture of the port side nose the tape holding together damage caused by less than careful handlers.
Thank goodness some of the history is being secured; like the Bell X-3 tilt rotor that was rescued and now resided at the USAF museum.


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I'm not being pedantic, but that isn't a Harrier, it's a Kestrel. Sort of a pre-Harrier. I think only about 7 or 8 were made. This is a real shame.
Yes, P.1127 Kestrel aircraft, not Harrier. Six of these aircraft were built and tested by the various parties involved, including the U.S. where they received the designation XV-6A. This may be the only example that is still left in the U.S. What a terrible shame that they do not at least offer to give it to a British museum (or trade it for something else).
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We've already got a rotting Kestrel going spare, thanks all the same;

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