An-70 - Early Twin Jet Concept?


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25 July 2007
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Does anyone have any info on the early design phases of the An-70? I am specifically interested in an early engine alternatives including, apparently, twin turbofans.

Vladimir Karnozov writing about the Russo-Indian Multirole Transport Aircraft (Russia & CIS Observer, No1 20 Feb 2008) said the following:

It is possible that initial design concepts will be ditched to clear the way for the MTA to be born again as a twin-jet version of Antonov's An-70... Knowing that the current An-70 evolved from initial twinjet concept, it would not take long to "get back to basics."

I am, of course, aware of later turbofan derivative concepts (four CFM56s was my understanding although D-236Ts would also make sense).

But what engines would that early twin jet have used? If the airframe was the same size as the final, propfan An-70, I'd guess D-18s (Antonov already being familiar with the type). Does anyone know for sure?
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from Kryl'ya Rodine 9-10/2014,the Antonov An-70-118 Project.


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