Amphibious operations


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4 June 2006
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From ’The Watery Maze’ by Bernard Fergusson

The LSD was the brain-foster-child of Hussey’s, who had introduced it to an initially sceptical world at a meeting in the Admiralty in September. He handed round a photograph of a ‘Popper’ barge transporter, such as was used on the Danube. These flooded like a floating dock, and while so flooded shipped a barge on either side of their superstructure; they then pumped the water out, so that the barges were lifted clear of the water resting on sponsons on either side of the ship. Such a vessel had several advantages. She would be designed to carry two loaded LCTs in a hold, or dock, instead of on external sponsons, as in the Popper barge.

Does anyone have any pictures of these Popper barge ships?

I note from a google search that according to Norman Friedman, Stanley Goodall was ‘less than enthusiastic’ of the idea.

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