American Utilicraft FF-1080 Freight Feeder


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10 May 2006
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Hi Everyone!

This concerns a new cargo aircraft, the American Utilicraft FF-1080 Freight Feeder. I'm not sure if its still an unbuilt design, but I thought I'd post it anyway in case its still yet to be built.

I've only posted some colour pictures, but if anyone can find a good three-view of this aircraft, could you please post it on this website.

Chuck Anderson


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I'm sure you can find a three-view drawing in one of the JAWAs. But who has instant access to all the very expensive issues of the last years :( ?
I also remember a 3-view from Air International, I think it was published in "database" but I don't remember waht issue. I'll try to find it
Chuck and Antonio,

It needed only three months (and six days) :D to find a good three-view drawing of the FF-1080-200 Freight Feeder in Jane’s 2001-2002.



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Hi Thomas!

Thanks very much for the three-view on the Freight Feeder! This might make for some very nice What-If illustrations!

Also known as the Freight Feeder Aircraft Corporation (FFAC) FF-5000.



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American Utilicraft may still exist as a "penny stock." The design appears to have been last marketed on this website:

I wonder if anyone saved the brochure images for variants such as the FF4000 and FF5000MV (Military Variant) or any other specs, drawings or marketing materials?

In some ways, the Cessna 408 is a validation of the concept of a Fedex specific, unpressurized turboprop, albeit on a much smaller scale.

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