Alterra1 light VTOL


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21 December 2009
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one model among many;
this one I realized it from a short story I wrote some time ago.

Engines (and gearbox) are in the propeller pods.
As shown it can cary one lying person when removing one seat.

Interesting concept, I love the idea of a personal VTOL class of aircraft. One questino I have with this design though. Where would you put the fuel?
thank you Steph;

a bit more here,26857.msg410321.html#msg410321

and here
the fuel :
main tank below the seats,
possibly almost the entire lower part of the booth.
there are also some place in the wings and roof,
but it would be more simple to add an external belly tank.
(I guess...)

this design is inspired from the Doak, cl-84, and Nord 500
(but still with differences.)

I suppose It would not be a simple machine, despite its "obvious" look.
(just the moving parts on the wings: at the leading edge, flaps...
they are not on the model but should be necessary, if I am not wrong...)

but the first goal was the show, not the science of transportation...

and in the show (a short story indeed) technology
(and global context by the way)
is a bit different from what it is down there.
I really love it but I must admit the question of where you put the fuel is a tough one...
fuel tank like this:

this in the case of an "hydrocarbure" fuel,
but note that in Alterra is available another energy source, called "Hydronium".
Hydronium "cartridges" of different size are used on Alterrians machines.

details: Les Secrets de l'HYDRONIUM (Original text, french and english)

"The hydronium, as its name suggest, is based on hydrogen, not hydrogen on a molecular scale (H2) but atomic hydrogen (H, molecular weight 1). The other name of atomic hydrogen is metastable hydrogen.

On Alterra, they produce atomic hydrogen by dissociating current hydrogen H2 with electric power.
The combustion of atomic hydrogen recombines free radicals H-H into the current molecular form H2, with a release 52,2 Kcal/g instead of the current release of 3,2 Kcal/g of energy. Starting from current hydrogen H2, we can carry on a traditional recombination with oxygen to obtain water H2 O. That means that hydronium is a fuel, or an explosive, that can be transformed into pure water."

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