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19 August 2006
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It is a russian page devoted to warships of all times. the sections "Magazine", "Weapon Book" and "Reference" are quite excellent. The page is full of drawings, cross sections and deck layouts. BUT there are two problems:
- It is in russian, but you only have to look for the link "Draw"
- I don´t know if is a general problem or is just my browser. The drawings appear to be incomplete. If someone knows how to fix this problem, please post a reply with the solution. I´m sure a crow of fans would be grateful.
hi !
I just go to print then " aperçu" in french:"insight " ? for you ?:it shows the page as it would be if actually printed
you only have to look for the link "Draw"

what's the word in Russian (cirilic characters) for drawing?

Are there any unbuilt projects in that web?


"aperçu" is "outline" - "print preview" Is the equivalent.

Russian (from Babelfish - no real dictionary to hand - so some might be wrong ::) )

drawing чертеж
schematic схема
illustration иллюстрация
picture изображение
painting картина
photograph фотоснимок

I've noticed that I have more success downloading pictures from that site using Firefox instead of IE. Still takes a while, but it doesn't seem to result in an incomplete picture.
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