Airwolf Helicopter Replica on eBay


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1 April 2006
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The full size Airwolf replica was made with an existing Bell 222A airframe. The side panels, nose panel and refueling port were all made from the specs from the original Airwolf and are exact. The ADF pod and chainguns are not included in this auction, but will be available if anyone is interested. The interior is not finished, but the pilot and co-pilot seats have been reupholstered and the instrument panel has been mocked up. Airwolf inspired a whole generation to learn to fly helicopters and this replica is beautiful.

The mock up was done by Steven Stull out of Atlanta, Ga for a helicopter museum in Tennessee. Unfortunately the museum did not make it and all of the displays were removed and will be sold. This was the center piece and fans of the TV show came from all around to see "The Lady". It took Steve 5 months of painstaking, meticulous work to bring Airwolf back to life and every detail of the airframe is exact, even down to the rivot pattern. This helicopter would be perfect for any aircraft museum or TV related attraction. There has been talk of a new Airwolf movie, but that is unconfirmed. It would make a great prop for the beginning of that movie. They could use it to show how it gets destroyed before they build the new version of "The Lady". This is a very unique and special item.


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